FREE SHIPPING on all Air Products with an ETA of 2-3 weeks.

Do you sell overseas? Yes we sell all our products worldwide.

Do your products comply with Australian & International Standards? Yes our products meet International compliant EN913 Gymnastics Equipment - General Safety Requirements.

Are your Air Products REACH compliant and Phthalate free? Yes and we can provide certification on request.

What is the lifespan or your products? Obviously this will depend on how, and in what frequency the products are used. A lifespan of more than 5 years is not uncommon.

Do you have product specials? Yes and the best place to see special offers is on our Facebook or Instagram pages as well as our website.

Where are Tumble Star products made? Tumble Star Air Products are made in China by a premier manufacturer. They custom make to our standards using top quality, industrial strength materials including added seam protection technology exclusive to Tumble Star. All Air Products are hand-made by industry professionals and under-go strict quality control and testing prior to shipping. Stunt/Balance Stands are proudly made in Queensland, Australia by Tumble Star professionals.

Air Product FAQs

How do I choose the thickness? As a standard, Tumble Star offers 10cm and 20cm air track thickness options. 10cm is a good entry/low level, as well as budget conscious, option. 20cm is recommended for Intermediate to advanced level tumblers and adults. For clubs that have both recreational users and higher level users, the thicker tracks are recommended. Thicker tracks have more room to play around with pressure. Beginners can enjoy the slow and easy bounce and landings when using it at lower pressures, while experienced athletes can enjoy a firm and more technical bounce when using it at higher pressures. Choosing thickness depends on the sports you practice, but also your age, skill and weight. If you require a custom thickness please contact us.

Bounciness? The bounciness of air products depends on how much pressure you put in it. If filled up to the maximum pressure, an air track can feel exactly like a dead floor (which is useful for competition training). Inflating it to a standard level will make it optimal for intermediate level training, while inflating it to a minimum level will make it more fun for beginner level training.

How long does it take to inflate an air track? The majority of our air products can be inflated within 4 minutes thanks to our high performance blowers. Electric Bravo blowers come with air tracks 4m+ in length otherwise a foot pump is supplied.

Are air products supposed to lose pressure? Air products are not designed to maintain their pressure overnight. Because of temperature changes, they lose a bit of air. Therefore inflating once per day is expected.

Can air products be used outside? When setting up air products outdoors, use a groundsheet to avoid damaging the products. Tumble Star cannot guarantee the integrity of the mats on all surfaces and in all environments. Mats left outside unattended or in extreme elements can be damaged. Please keep in mind the outside temperature affects the air pressure inside the mats. Letting air out in the heat and putting air in the cold is necessary for safety and preventing mat damage.

Can shoes be worn on the air track mats? It's important to remember that our mats - like all equipment - hold up as well as they're treated. Therefore, we do not recommend wearing shoes on our products.

How to prevent damaging the valves? Valves represent the greatest opportunity for damage. Some tips to prevent damage:

  • Be careful not to step on the valves.
  • The gasket around the valve helps keep it airtight; don't lose it!
  • Always close the valves when transporting to prevent them damaging the mat and valves.

What type of material do you use to make the products? All of our products use Double Wall Fabric (DWF) consisting of two layers of coated vinyl, with thousands of threads connecting the two. Our proprietary DWF is specially engineered for athletic training. For air tracks, there is a vinyl centre line for athletes to feel it and check their action. Also there is Velcro on either end, to connect additional air products.

What guarantees do you give on your products? We give 1 year manufacture warranty on all our products.

What does your 1 year manufacture warranty cover? Tumble Star’s manufacturer warrants its air products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service conditions. Warranty is not extended to, but not limited to, cuts, punctures, abrasions, burns, or use of abrasive or caustic cleansers.

What if I damage my air track? If it's leaking, don't panic! 99% of all damage is repaired easily using your supplied repair kit. We have material and instructions ready for you and we'll assist you in every step of the repair.

What kind of repair glue is recommended? General PVC glue is OK. If you want to use high quality glue, then we recommend Pattex Brand because we use this brand glue on our air products. If you need instructions or have misplaced your repair kit, please contact us.