Air Triangle
Air Triangle
Air Triangle
Air Triangle
Air Triangle
Air Triangle
Air Triangle

Air Triangle

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The Air Triangle by Tumble Star is a new extremely versatile multi-purpose training device. Great for tumbling drills, skills, stretching, it's lightweight with lots of bounce, angles and levels to experiment with. Perfect for gym, studio or home use!

Three different sized user areas, combined with a phenomenal rebound allow the Air Triangle to be used in various ways such as:

  • Inclined/declined slope
  • Trampoline, springboard or run-up
  • Free-running and tricking
  • Elevated surface drills
  • Stretching and overstretches

Made out of the same double wall fabric materials as our air tracks. Adjust the air pressure to fit each individual athlete and user situation. Lesser air makes it soft and therefore perfect for kids to experience their first rolls and crawls safely. Adding air will make it bouncy like a trampoline so that young and old, beginner or pro can perform amazing skills.

Unlike comparable products from steel, wood or foam, Air Triangle is so light to move that every child is able to use it easily but without losing its stability. The Air Triangle is available in one standard size which will fit the vast majority of users. Contact us for customised sizing!


  • .9mm Reinforced Double Layer Vinyl
  • Exclusive added seam protection (that's the black edge you see)

  • Includes:

  • Foot/Hand Pump
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • 1 Year International warranty, Terms & Conditions apply

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